I love collaborating! Here is how we can work together…


Mittens with Buttons offers advertising and sponsorships to a limited number of brands every month. Advertising is available on the right side bar of Mittens with Buttons for the most possible views.

Sponsored posts will also consider for products and brands that I genuinely love, that are of interest to me and my readers and that fit with the branding of the site. Sponsored posts will always be noted as such.


Interested in seeing your product on Mittens with Buttons?  You are welcome to send product samples including beauty products, clothing, jewelry, accessories and home decor. If you do send me a product to review and I like it, I will dedicate a blog post to it and promote it via social media. Please note that product samples will not be returned and Mittens with Buttons does not guarantee coverage.


Mittens with Buttons readers LOVE giveaways! I will always dedicate a full blog post to your giveaway. It will be open for 24-48 hours and I will cross promote your company via social media multiple times throughout the giveaway.

Contact me here to start collaborating today!

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